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605 Painting was established in July of 2019. Owners Daniel Armstrong Jr. and Kyle Schuh both grew up in Sioux Falls. The two young entrepreneurs who created the sensational start up back in July have both come from humble beginnings which they carry with them to motivate them. With unstable living environments and bouncing around from rental home to rental home the two found an escape together. Since grade school Armstrong and Schuh have seen the path that was paved for them and have chosen to create a path themselves. That path they would argue is normalcy. They want a home to call their own, with a family that has traditions they can look forward to. The norm they are searching is already coming to reality in just the 2nd year in business as they both are looking to purchase homes in the early coming of 2021. That is only one of many motivating factors for them starting 605 Painting.


Another motivating factor is the need to help others. Serving our community, they say “will always be at the forefront of their deciding factors for the company.” They have a monthly service project that their employees, friends, and family join in on. Examples of what they have done in the past is deliver Christmas presents to the under resourced, pass out food gift cards to the homeless, volunteer at the humane society and donate to a local bible study that the two owners attend weekly. The last service project they did was in mid-December. 605 Painting donated to Edison middle school students to help promote the Youth Entrepreneurs program. Armstrong assisted in teaching the 8th grade students about business while he taught in the fall of 2020, wrapping up his bachelor’s degree at The University of Sioux Falls. He shared that it was truly a proud moment to see them take creating their own business seriously. They mentioned how since they were blessed with a great start to their company that they feel the only right thing to do is be a blessing to others. Holiday seasons are really when 605 Painting likes to step up their blessing of others. Follow their social media platforms to stay updated with how they are impacting the community around you.


605 Painting may have services that you can benefit from. They paint interiors and exteriors for both residential and commercial. Other house painters in Sioux Falls do not come  close to the exterior warranty they offer. As of now the warranty sits at four years, which is beating their painting counterparts by an entire two years. They specialize in the exteriors of homes as they offer both a roll and brush on applications as well as spray options. Traditional residential painting companies in Sioux Falls do not take service doors of homes when they go to paint them. 605 Painting takes the doors off the hinges and sprays the doors to ensure a flawless end product. Exterior house painters like them are hard to find and we are blessed to have them in our community, improving every home they touch. One of the noteworthy projects they have completed in just a few months of being open was painting the entire interior of the Ramada hotel off Russell Avenue in Sioux Falls. Commercial Painting is an easy/affordable way to spruce up businesses while also increasing foot traffic. Painting decks and fences is also a service they provide. Painting the interior of garages, especially in the wintertime is great because they can heat up your garage to room temperature for future events like Superbowl parties and senior graduation/open houses. The question remains, do you have a garage that needs painted? Call now and book a free estimate offered Monday through Friday excluding major holidays on any of our services.

Business has been great ever since they started. Their first goal was to get a shop within their first year in business and they crushed that goal. They are now located in Tea and have an amazing shop behind Sioux Empire Automotive. You may see one of our four fully decaled vehicles driving about as well with their spunky kid friendly logo. Armstrong’s grandfather created the logo, his mother thought of the name and his wife designed the rainbow look to the paintbrush logo. Reviews are also a strong suit as they have nothing but five-star reviews on every social media platform including Google. They are blessed for all the support they have had thus far and cannot wait to help to transform their surrounding communities one paint job at a time. With little time of their name being out there they sure have made an impact as one of the leading residential painters in Sioux Falls as well.

– Tea Weekly Newspaper


Painting with a Passion

605 Painting is more than your typical painters in Sioux Falls. We strive to improve every community with excellent painting services, giving back to the community and making Sioux Falls an amazing place to live. Being a local Sioux Falls painting company rather than a franchise you are going to see our hands in the community regularly. The two owners, Kyle and Daniel are hands on with everything that 605 Painting offers. They’re passionate about their quality of work and the Sioux Falls area.
Providing an amazing service to our customers will always be important, and taking care of our community is what we’re passionate about.


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