Do you ever wonder “What is trending in Sioux Falls for color choices on interior painting?” Stop wondering! As one of the best painting companies in Sioux Falls we get the pleasure of staying up to date on what is happening in our community in regards to interior painting.

The first paint color that we see consistently being chosen by our clients is whites. A lot of people are getting away from the beige, tan, and cream color walls, and switching to a brighter, more modern white wall or ceiling. You might be thinking to yourself, a white room would feel “sterile”. The truth is that it can, if you aren’t intentional. But by having a clean white room it can give you a wider variety of options for decorations and accents inside of the room. It also brightens up the room which can give a warmer and happier feel. Also there are a wide variety of whites to choose from. Some are more matted and softer, while others are brighter and bolder depending on the room and your personal preference.

The next color that we see many of our clients choosing for their interior painting in Sioux Falls is gray. Now gray just like white has many different options as to how dark you decide to go. Lighter grays are also considered a modern look and go great with whites as accents. We are seeing people use gray as their main color and white as an accent, and the other way around as well. This is also a neutral color so you can go many directions with the look and feel of the room you are painting. Gray can be slightly “calmer” than white and can provide a variety of options for your home or office.

Now our third one may come as a surprise to you, but hear us out, it’s black. Unlike white or gray most of the time that we are seeing people choose to use black as an interior paint color it is as an accent color. Black goes very nicely as an accent wall, trim, and other areas. Specifically when you are using white, or gray as the base color for a room, adding a strong color that goes well while still standing out is a great way to make things pop.

Regardless of what colors you are seeing in your home or office, we at 605 Painting Company want to help you take your spaces and make them into your favorite places. We are confident in our process for both interior and exterior painting and proudly serve the Sioux Falls and surrounding area as an expert painting company. If you would like to get a FREE quote on your interior painting needs simply give us a call or fill out our contact form below!


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