This is a good question that many people have asked themselves, and to be fair it is a great question. Why would you choose to hire someone to paint the interior of your home when you can do it yourself? Anyone can buy a bucket of paint and some brushes and get the job done, right? The answer is yes anyone can, but not everyone should. Here are a few reasons why people choose to hire us for their interior painting in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas.

Reason #1: they don’t want to do it!

Some people don’t have the energy, or desire to paint their home or office. Painting effectively takes focus and patience. If you don’t want to take the time to do the job right, then it might be best to contact one of the local best painting companies in Sioux Falls (that’s us folks) to help take that job off of your hands!

Reason #2: they don’t have the proper equipment.

It seems like an inexpensive project; just brushes and a bucket of paint, right? Most people don’t realize how many brushes there are for each portion of any one painting job. Another major piece of equipment that hinders people from doing a painting job well are ladders. To be able to get to each area and paint them efficiently and effectively can get expensive if you don’t paint often.

Reason #3: they don’t want to make a mess!

Have you ever started painting a wall and accidentally gotten that new beautiful color on your ceiling and floor? Not fun. That is why we tape each area necessary and cover the furniture and floors with a new, clean piece of protective plastic sheeting. We also protect your floors with drop cloths, taking care to secure every inch of the room.  We prepare a job site before we begin and ensure everything is cleaned up before we leave.

Reason #4: they don’t have the time.

Painting is a task that takes time, skill, and focus. Anyone can slap paint on a wall. But if you are wanting a finished product that looks good it takes time, especially when you don’t do it for a living. When you choose to hire 605 Painting our crew will come in and take care of everything in a timely manner because we have multiple people working on your project that have years of painting experience.

In summary, if you are considering doing some interior painting in your home or business on your own, give us a call first. It doesn’t hurt to get a professional opinion and a FREE quote on what it would cost to have us take care of your painting needs!